Who we are!

StrongTower Asset Management Partners is DIVINE workmanship that is relevant observing  high values , consciousness to scale the limits , practical and an   ethical driven team of professionals. The team understand and practices the art of Power to get wealth with   ideas for wealth protection and preservation, creation,  growth and liquidity for generations. It is synergy working for you!
What we do:
StrongTower asset preservation, growth and liquidity strategies are crafted with using modern management principles, creative financing models, selection of joint venture partners, off balance sheet strategies for project finance to benefit the third and fourth generation.
Our Mission
StrongTower mission is to work with asset owners to fill the gap in the market , create linkages with investors and financiers and redefine asset financing and stock holdings in listed companies by unlocking the hidden value in the assets. StrongTower also offers a wide range of services to the building industry through a network of manufacturers and transfers discounts to projects
Our team
StrongTower team is not by default but crafted in the Spirit with integrity, honest and will deliver new ideas , stability in the management of assets to clients that includes structured finance solutions, land economists , design and architectural , planning and surveying experts ,building and development specialists, environmental experts all with years of proven experience. It matters who you are yoked with!